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X changes its API to retire legacy tiers and endpoints
23 August 2023

X changes its API to retire legacy tiers and endpoints Social network X, formerly Twitter, made changes to its API pricing in March, making it expensive for developers to make applications with the platform’s data. Now, the company is announcing new changes that would retire some of the legacy API endpoints — a move that could again bump up costs for developers, especially enterprise clients. The company said in a post this week that it’s discontinuing some of the endpoints while migrating others to the new v2 API. “As part of our ongoing effort to modernize and transform our API platform, we are deprecating some of our v1.1 endpoints and asking you to migrate to the v2 equivalents. These deprecations will allow us to continue building support for the latest X features with our v2 API,” the company said. X also said that it is retiring the legacy Essential and Elevated tiers, and customers using them will need to move to any of the new tiers. “In addition, we will retire legacy v2 access tiers including Essential and Elevated (for those who still have them) within the next 30 days. To maintain access to our v2 API, please log into your developer account and enroll in Free, Basic, Pro, or Enterprise. Please reach out to our developer support as needed,” it noted. Developers TechCrunch talked to said that certain calls with v1.1 API endpoints didn’t count toward the monthly quota for enterprise customers. But with X’s latest update, these calls — such as retrieving tweets — will count toward the monthly limit. The social network’s enterprise plans cost $42,000, $125,000 and $210,000 per month with 50 million, 100 million and 200 million tweet limits respectively. Additionally, the company is sunsetting features like user search. .



WhatsApp now lets users create groups without names
August 23 2023

> John T: Apps WhatsApp now lets users create groups without names WhatsApp today introduced a feature that lets users create groups on the instant messaging app without needing to name them — an update over the existing way that requires users to specify group names during creation. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the update on his Facebook page and Meta’s Instagram channel on Wednesday. The feature will help users create a group, even if they have not decided on a topic yet or need to create one quickly. However, unlike a typical WhatsApp group that can add up to 1,024 participants, the messaging app confirmed to TechCrunch that unnamed groups will be limited to up to six participants. These groups will be dynamically named based on the users added to a group, the company says. The group name will appear differently for each participant, depending on how they have saved contacts on their phone. If you join an unnamed group with people who haven’t saved their contacts, your phone number will be visible in the group name, the app said. This indicates the feature is likely aimed more at friends and family who are already familiar with one another. The company plans to roll out the new group-centric feature globally over the next few weeks. The latest WhatsApp update comes just days after the messaging app added support for HD photos. The app, which has more than two billion users globally, is also working on introducing HD video support in the coming future, it said. In the last few weeks, WhatsApp updated its app with features including screen sharing during video calls and the ability to record and share short video messages.

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Google TV is once again expanding its free live TV lineup
30 jan 2023

Google TV is once again expanding its free live TV lineup. In April, the company announced the Google TV service was growing to include over 800 live TV channels, including those from Tubi, Plex, Haystack, and others. Today, the company says it’s adding 25 more free channels to the lineup, which can be watched without having to install any additional apps or needing to sign in. With the additions. there are now over 100 free built-in channels out of the total 800 free channels, Google says. Among the new arrivals are those that include TV shows like “Top Gear” and “Baywatch,” plus game shows, music channels, multicultural entertainment, and more. These complement the existing free channels Google added earlier this year, like news channels from NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, and others featuring shows like “Westworld,” “Law & Order: SVU” and “The Walking Dead.”